Recap: TAP-Chicago Taiwanese Breakfast

On Sunday, TAP-Chicago hosted a Taiwanese breakfast event at Tamarind, where owner Lisa Ko made traditional Taiwanese breakfast food. Thanks to you guys, we had an amazing turnout, and are planning a part 2 next month! Check out our Facebook for event updates.

TAP-Chicago, Tamarind, Taiwanese Breakfast Thank you, Lisa, for making the event possible, and reminding us of our hometown. 

Tamrind, TAP-Chicago, Breakfast event, Taiwanese
What a great turnout!

TAP-Chicago, Tamarind, Breakfast event, Taiwanese, Food
The menu consisted of
碗粿 Wah Kueh (Steamed rice pudding with delicious savory topping)
油條 You tiao (Fried Donut)
花生湯 hua shen tang (peanut soup)
甜豆漿 Tian dou jiang (Sweet soybean milk)
鹹豆漿 Xian dou jiang (Savory soybean milk)
飯糰 Fan tuan (Taiwanese rice ball)
胡椒餅 Hu jiao bing (Pepper Pancake)

Tamarind, TAP-Chicago, Breakfast event, Food, Taiwanese
Nom Nom

Tamarind, TAP-Chicago, Food, Taiwanese
Nom Nom Nom

Tamarind, TAP-Chicago, Breakfast, Taiwanese event
Satisfied TAP-Chicagoans.

TAP-Chicago, Taiwanese, Food, Tamarind
Click here for more nom nom pictures!

Special thanks to Lisa Ko for the amazing meal
Paul Ko for the pictures
Shannon and Phil for coordinating the event
and of course, all of our members who came out to enjoy food with us!


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