Traditional Taiwanese Brunch


Breakfast in Taipei: 20-hour flight, $1600
Breakfast in LA: 4-hour flight, $350
Breakfast at Din Hao in Westmont: 45-minute drive, need a car
Breakfast at the brand-new Vora restaurant, in Chicago, in the afternoon = AWESOME!

The event will feature your favorite breakfast and street foods from Taiwan in Vora’s modern and elegant environment!

Brunch Menu
Shao Bing (Taiwanese flatbread with stuffing)
You Tiao (Fried breadstick)
Tian Dou Jiang (sweet soybean milk)
Oh Ah Jian (Oysters pancakes)
Fan Tuan (Taiwanese-style rice ball)
Ruen Bing (Taiwanese-style spring roll)

This event sells out every time and advance registration/payment is required!


$17 + tax and tip = $20 Early Bird by Friday, January 31
$22 + tax and tip = $25 Late Bird afterward and if space permits

***Event is limited to 40 people and entry is determined by order of payment on, not Facebook (Facebook does not track RSVP times).

Getting there: Close to CTA Red Line Clark/Division. Limited street parking.

Questions? Call or email:
Shannon Sung 312.961.3883 |
Ming Young 847.571.3369 |

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