5 Reasons You Should Create 2 Facebook Events for Your Group’s Joint or Co-Organized Event

by Hauwei Lien

When we host joint events with other groups, a recurring issue is whether each group should create its own Facebook event to market to members. It seems like a waste of time to create and maintain separate event pages. Why not create a single event and just post the link to each group? Here at TAP-Chicago we believe it’s almost always better to create multiple facebook events. Here’s why.

#1 Members receive an invitation to join the event. Creating an event allows you to add the entire group to the “Invited” list. There is no way to invite a group to an existing event, the option only appears during event creation.


#2 You can customize the event to include group-specific language and a tone that will appeal to members.

#3 People will actually see the event. When you post a link instead of creating an event, members with group notifications disabled don’t get any fb globe messages, they don’t get any notification of your event at all!

#4 People will get better notifications. When you create an event, members with notifications enabled receive a “PERSON invited you to EVENT” message instead of the more generic “PERSON posted in GROUP …” message.

#5 Perhaps most importantly, members can see the event in Invites and Events calendar. Posted the link? No invite, no calendar.

invites and calendar

Until Facebook wises up and lets admins invite groups to existing events, creating multiple events is the only way to reach all your members on the world’s most popular social network.

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