Taste of Taiwan – TJCCC Annual Gala

taste of taiwan

Taste of Taiwan

Join hundreds of other young professionals from Chicagoland area as we celebrate the Taiwanese heritage with great Taiwanese food, music, open bar & raffle.

Save $30 on TJCCC Annual Membership

A TJCCC Annual Membership worth $30 will be included in your Taste of Taiwan event ticket. As a member, you’ll gain first-hand and discounted access to practical business seminars & social networking events. In addition, you’ll also gain access to our exclusive job board where you’ll be connected to businesses throughout Chicagoland.

Dress Code

The dress code for this event will be semi-formal, but feel free to come fancy!

Select dishes included in this event

割包 (Gua bao/Steamed Pork Sandwich) by 輝月Kizuki
肉羹湯 (Pork Thick Soup) by t.m. Basil
鹽酥雞 (Fried Chicken) by 輝月Kizuki
豆花 (Tofu Pudding) by 南北和 Chinese Cafe
肉圓 (Ba Wan/Taiwanese Mega-Dumpling) by 南北和 Chinese Cafe
章魚小丸子 (Takoyaki) by 輝月Kizuki
滷肉飯 (Braised Pork Rice) by Lotus
雞卷 (Chicken Rolls) by t.m. Basil
炒米粉 (Fried Rice noodles) by t.m. Basil
雪花冰 (Shaved Ice) by 小台北 Taipei Cafe
茶葉蛋 (Tea Egg)

Restaurants (In Alphabetical Order)

南北和 Chinese Cafe



小台北 Taipei Cafe

t.m. Basil

Our Community Supporters

TACCGC – Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Chicago

KAC-Chicago – Korean American Coalition – Chicago

TAP-Chicago – Chicago Taiwanese American Professionals

Lunar Ball

Ascene – Chicago’s Guide to the Asian American Community

CAMOC – Chinese-American Museum of Chicago


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