TAP-Chicago Goes to Hotpot

Winter is almost here! Let’s stay warm and get together for some hot pot at Little Lamb Hot Pot this Sunday (Nov 13th) from 7pm until 9pm, located at 2201 s Wentworth.

Cost: $19 per person, which includes tax and tip and free fountain drinks. Buy your tickets now on Eventbrite!

**Only way to ensure your attendance is purchasing a ticket through Eventbrite! Event is limited to 25 people.**

Menu: preselected dishes include:
+supreme lamb slices
+supreme ribeye slices
+swai fish fillet
+shrimp head on
+mushroom platter
+baby bok choy
+tofu platter
+mung bean sheet jelly
+taro slices
+cuttlefish balls
In either a mushroom broth or spicy ma-la broth.


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