Dinner in the Burbs with TAP-Chicagoans

Are you tired of always traveling to the city to attend TAP-Chicago events? We have just the remedy for you. Join us at Asian Bistro in Arlington Heights!

Modern, contemporary environment, Asian Bistro welcomes people to enjoy their home-style cooked meals. Specializing in Szechuan and Mandarin Cuisine, people all over town give their taste buds a delight whenever they dine here.

Who: for those of us who work/live in the suburbs and you city people, if you wanna join us!!!!!

Why: For food and laughs and making memories!

Where: http://asianbistro.biz/

How much: ~$20/person (without drinks). Price also depends on how many people come and how much we order. Everything comes in family-style servings so be prepared to share!

[Photo courtesy of FreeFoto.com]

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