TAP-Chicago is expanding its leadership board to serve the community better! Interested in being part of the team? We are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis until December 15. The list of positions currently available is below, but we believe in recruiting the best team members possible and may modify the structure for the right candidate.

Candidates should have strong communication skills, a positive work ethic, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a strong commitment to TAP-Chicago’s mission and to the Taiwanese American and Asian American community. If that description fits you, start by completing the TAP-Chicago Leadership Board Application! Questions? Contact us at applications (at) or talk to any member of the team.

Currently Available
Membership Director #2
Professional Development Director #2
Public Relations Director #2
Social Networking Director #2

Currently Not Available
Athletic Director #1
Athletic Director #2
Community Service Director #1
Community Service Director #2
Cultural Director #1
Cultural Director #2
Marketing Director
Membership Director #1
Professional Development Director #1
Public Relations Director #1
Social Networking Director #1
Vice President for Internal Affairs
Vice President for External Affairs

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