TAP-Chicago exclusive Interview with Yani Tseng


TAP-Chicago had an exclusive Interview with Yani Tseng at Roy’s Chicago on April 4. Let us learn about Yani’s career aspiration, accomplishment, and her favorite Taiwanese Dish.

TAP-Chicago: What is your favorite personal accomplishment of your career and why?

Yani Tseng: That is a tough question. There are couples of my favorite accomplishments. The first one is my first British Open in 2011. On Sunday, I was nervous for the whole day. The last hole was 280 yards into the bunker and into the wind. I thought I would never get there. However, I hit my best drive of the day, hit into the bunker and I chipped out. It was an easy par five and then I won the tournament. It was my best memory every.

The other one is my first LPGA Tournament in Taiwan. There were thousands of people showed up. I was so excited that so many fans in Taiwan came to cheer for me. It was unbelievable. I was sitting on the tee and I cannot forget so many people were clapping and cheering for me. In addition, that was the time for me to realize that golf was getting popular in Taiwan and that people start to pay attention to golf sport. I was very happy to see that happened.

TAP-Chicago: What would it mean for you and your team to win the upcoming Crown International?

Yani Tseng: Golf is a very individual sport. This is the time we all get together and play for our country with our teammates. Last time we did pretty well. We defeated the American team in the first day with a score of 4:0. We lost the second day. We did not have a captain so we had to figure out whose game is better, who goes first, etc. So there are many strategies to be developed even thought, we had only four players. This year we will figure out the way to do better and bring the crown home.

TAP-Chicago: Good luck for that

TAP-Chicago: As an accomplished female athlete, what messages do your have for aspiring young females?

Yani-Tseng: “Dream Big” is very important. When I was 12, I dreamed to be the world NO1 golfer and I did it after 10 years. I didn’t know what’s is world NO1 and I didn’t know how tough it is either; It was just a dream. However, if you have a dream, you never know what will happen. A kid might think that he or she wants to be the President or, he or she wants to go to the space. If you move toward your dream, you might achieve it one day. Also, it is easier to get through the tough time when you think about how much you want it and what the dream means to you. It doesn’t matter what your dream is. If this dream doesn’t work out, you can change to another one. It is free to dream and you can think about whatever you want

TAP-Chicago: In this highly competitive environment, what do you do to manage stress or do for relaxation?

Yani Tseng: Managing stress is very hard. This is the toughest time in my career – I almost cry every day. It is tough because I know that I can win the tournament physically but my mental status is not ready when the tournament comes. When I step on the first tee, I just cannot pull the trigger. I was fearful to make mistake. I knew I have to push myself to fight in the golf course, to keep trying and never give up. I have many ways to relief stress: I like watching movies and drawing. Still, it is tough. The tournament is always different from the golf practice. The competition makes me nervous but I enjoy being nervous and having the pressure.

TAP-Chicago: What is your favorite Taiwanese dish?

Yani Tseng: I enjoy all kinds of Taiwanese dishes. If I have to pick, I will say Taiwanese Bento Box and Hot Pot.

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